June 19, 2024

TalkTalk Business first to launch business-grade broadband packages to address huge surge in working from home

TalkTalk Business, one of the largest B2B telecoms providers in the UK, is the first to launch a unique Homeworker Package, to enable businesses to offer business-grade connectivity to employees working from home.

The offer has been launched following an increase in customer interest and to support businesses looking to make a permanent switch to employee homeworking in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This comes as 25-30% of the workforce are projected to be working-from-home multiple days a week by the end of 2021, according to latest forecasts by Global Workplace Analytics2. Data-driven sectors such as finance, technology and IT have seen the greatest shift to remote working.

The Homeworker Package offers a simple, cost-effective connectivity solution for enterprises looking to create a robust, remote working infrastructure. Bespoke to businesses, packages offer a variety of connectivity options, levels of management control and built in one, flexible contract.

Providing greater peace of mind when it comes to employee productivity, the package will also offer businesses the security and reliability they require, especially for workers living in shared households. It will also serve as a welcome benefit for workforces, during the changing times.

Jonathan Kini, Managing Director at TalkTalk Business, commented:

“Britain has seen a rapid rise in homeworking over the last few months and the need for reliable connectivity has never been greater.

“The launch of TalkTalk Business Homeworker offers medium and enterprise-sized businesses and their employees the opportunity to benefit from business-grade connectivity in their homes, with the necessary security, reliability and speed needed to meet business demands.”

For employees, the package will allow them to carry out their day-to-day jobs as effectively at home, as they do in the office and without the many technical and connectivity issues, that cause frustration for many remote workers today.

TalkTalk Business will also extend the Homeworker initiative to their extensive community of over 800 channel Partners from next week. They will support Partners go-to-market investment through a marketing development fund in addition to assistance with data analysis and white label marketing to help Partners maximise this new market opportunity.

The Homeworker Package comes with a series of business-specific benefits that aren’t typically available through regular residential connections.

Key benefits

  • Business-grade connectivity, consistently reliable and secure
  • Scalable and easy-to-deploy solution for enterprises needing 100 or more connections
  • One, flexible contract offering varying levels of management
  • Range of connectivity options, from superfast fibre (up to 76mbps) to ultrafast (up to 1gb) dedicated internet
  • Worksafe security (protects against online viruses and threats, offers greater control over online use and offers HTTPS blocking to further reduce business risk), with advanced security options available on request
  • Free Static IPs, key for hosting websites, managing CCTV and alarm systems and more
  • TalkTalk Business’ 365 day UK support, with a 4.3* ‘Excellent’ rating on Trustpilot – employees and IT teams can benefit from customer support, as and when required.

To find out more call 03301 623 070 or visit https://www.talktalkbusiness.co.uk/homeworking