June 19, 2024

Ecocleen makes Sanitisation and Specialist Deep Clean Investment

Ecocleen, the commercial contract cleaning specialist, has expanded its sanitisation and specialist deep clean capabilities with the adoption of advanced electrostatic spraying machines. The company has invested in a range of portable and handheld sprayers, which are designed to effectively disinfect a wide range of premises in a fraction of the time and cost previously needed. They will also provide an effective defence against viruses and other pathogens when used with advanced cleaning solutions, with long-lasting protection of up to 30 days.

“All private and public sector organisations have a responsibility to create clean, hygienic and safe environment for their building occupants and visitors, especially as the current restrictions ease and we get used to the new normal,” explains Jean-Henri Beukes, Managing Director of Ecocleen. “Customers are looking to us to provide sanitisation guidance and expertise, so it is critical that we have the tools in place to deliver innovative anti-viral cleaning solutions.”

The specialist electrostatic sprayers provide 360-coverage over all surfaces within the sprayed area, even hard to reach places that a cleaner might miss. The technology is four times faster than manual disinfecting methods and uses 65% less cleaning solution. It works by positively charging atoms in the liquid as they pass through the spray nozzle, so droplets seek out and wrap themselves around surfaces. When used with an appropriate cleaning solution, the sprayers are proven to kill a range of pathogens in two minutes or less, and because surfaces dry almost immediately, it allows immediate room re-entry.

Ecocleen has also sourced a number of surface sanitisers and multi-purpose cleaning fluids to be used in combination with the electrostatic spraying machines. They have been developed specifically for use within the commercial cleaning sector and are highly effective within any office, retail, education, healthcare and industrial environment. Using one of these solutions, it will be possible to create long-lasting barrier that protects for up to 30 days, dramatically reducing the spread of harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts.

“Our goal is to help new and existing customers to combat the spread of viruses quickly and efficiently, without impacting on the day-to-day use of their buildings. This is part of our desire to be the first and last stop for managing clients’ workspace cleaning needs, whatever sector they operate in. As such, we must continually invest in our business, people and processes to achieve this aim and continue to deliver best practice solutions,” concludes Beukes.