Businesses need support to put them in a good position for recovery

Businesses need specialist support and guidance to help them recover more quickly from the Covid-19 pandemic, says health and wellbeing specialists Towergate Health & Protection.

This is a challenging time for everyone, and the focus needs to be on supporting businesses with the very real and practical issues they’ve had to deal with. The better companies are able to deal with this situation, the better position they’ll be in to recover.

Practical support
Many businesses may have empty premises, and will need to consider practical issues such as ensuring valuables are secured or moved, that keyholder details for alarms are up to date, that mail is redirected and that CCTV cameras are unobscured and working effectively. They will also need guidance on how to make workplaces safe for employees as we start to prepare to come out of lockdown.

Cyber crime
It’s been reported that 42% of people have been the target of scammers since the Covid-19 outbreak. From fake calls to smishing texts, both businesses and employees can be vulnerable. It’s important that businesses are aware of what to look out for and how to be protected.

Financial support
The Government has made regular updates on financial support that’s being offered and it’s important that businesses are aware of what support is available and how to access it. This can be particularly useful to SMEs to help them keep their businesses running.

Health and wellbeing
A number of specialist healthcare providers have adapted their proposition to help promote health and wellbeing among employees, specifically supporting people in the current situation. From advice on maintaining good posture while working remotely, to developing specialist classes that can be done at home – such as HIIT and Pilates, with a focus on providing practical help to inspire and motivate.

With a reduction in GP referrals and claims authorisations, it’s important that employers encourage their staff to make full use of employee benefits that include access to virtual GPs and clinically safe environments for treatment when needed.

Online hub
All the guidance that Towergate Health & Protection has provided is accessible on an online hub which is continually updated.

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