May 23, 2024

Entrepreneurial Mum of 3 Gifts Lockdown Love Bubble for New Mums

To support Maternal Mental Health Week Gayle Berry, a mum of 3, 3-time author and serial entrepreneur who makes it her business to leave a love legacy, has launched a gift for new mums in lockdown – the ‘Love Bubble’.

Not just supporting the mums who receive it, but keen to make an even deeper impact, Gayle has committed to also donating for each FREE pack that is downloaded to PANDAS Foundation – supporting those with perinatal mental illness.

The Love Bubble is available through Blossom & Berry, a business Gayle established in 2001 after quitting her high-pressure job as a Lawyer driven by the connection she felt with her own baby, after discovering Baby Massage. This business has already had a global impact on other mums as Gayle has now mentored thousands of others worldwide, helping them to set up a business of their own in the baby yoga and baby massage space.

Gayle teaches the importance of nurturing touch, love and presence and the pack, which has been created and designed with self-isolation in mind, is an embodiment of that. It includes:

  • 10 minute skin-to-skin meditation with Gayle
  • The Gift of Touch-Your guide to baby massage
  • Introduction to baby massage video with Channel Mum
  • Happy tummy/colic massage video with Channel Mum
  • Creating a gentle daily flow with your baby
  • Love Bubble Moments Ideas
  • Sleepy time playlist to sooth your mind body and soul
  • Exclusive Love Bubble Nursery Print

The FREE pack can be downloaded via

Gayle said:

“My message to new mummies is that – ‘You are not alone we are in this together.’ As a team, we want to help and support new mums by sharing our knowledge and experience and some much needed LOCKDOWN LOVE via our free LOVE BUBBLE downloadable support bundle.”

“It can be overwhelming juggling everyday life with a newborn, let alone during such uncertain times. So, we have developed a free support package to help mums feel more relaxed and connected by creating a LOVE BUBBLE with their babies.”

“We all have a need for touch, cuddles and hugs. By consciously holding your baby, using skin to skin, massage and cuddles, you boost your love and relaxation hormones, which supports maternal and infant mental health. Creating a LOVE BUBBLE allows you to hold space for yourself and your baby during COIVD 19.“

“We are all spending more time at home, it is a great opportunity to bond with your baby and cherish a slower pace of life. Preparing the foundations for your loving future together.”

“I hope that this FREE pack helps to create Love Bubbles across the world and allows new mummies to take the time to connect and slow down with their babies.”

The PANDAS Foundation helps to support and advise any parent and their networks with perinatal mental illness. The Foundation also informs and guides family members, carers, friends and employers as to how they can support someone who is suffering.

Gayle is passionate about charity work, and making significant impact with her contribution to society. Having co-founded the charity Love Support Unite, as well as setting up her own mother and baby charitable project in Malawi, Gayle revels in being able to give back in this way.

Alongside this, Gayle runs a bursary teacher training scheme to support vulnerable mums and babies across the world and supports a number of orphanage projects and emergency food aid for babies.

As a result of her charity work, Gayle received the Points of Light Award from 10 Downing Street after raising over £100,000 for ‘Love Support Unite’, to support programmes which include providing a sustainable feeding program to over 400 children, empowering communities with education, providing adult literacy classes, medical outreach, family based food security and teacher training workshops.

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