June 19, 2024

Matthew Hamer, Sales Director and Founder of Total Processing explains how tweaking your approach to social media can deliver improved business results

Every active user on Twitter has at some point wondered how many tweets are ‘too much’.  It’s likely that you’re going to get some engagement and followers posting once a day, but what would happen if you posted more? Would you get bigger results or would it just be overkill?

We collected Twitter data on top entrepreneurs within many different industries to answer the questions we’ve all wondered. How often should I post on Twitter? What day and time should I post for high engagement? What type of tweets should I post and what types of media do I use?

Let’s take a look at some of the tech leaders:

For anyone that doesn’t follow Elon Musk on Twitter, he’s active on twitter and often puts out content that is different to most. On average he tweets around 2.4 times a day and favourites around 1.1 times a day. Three quarters of his Twitter activity is replying to mentions and most of his media use is photos.

How did this compare to other tech giants?  Let’s take a look at Amazon Founder, Jeff Bezos:

Jeff Bezos is less active than Elon Musk on twitter with only 0.1 tweets per day and no favourites. Jeff’s twitter activity is actually the complete opposite to Elon’s. Only 0.9% of his posts are replies and 93% of his posts are his own content, maybe he just doesn’t like anyone else’s content?

What about Bill Gates? Is he more like Elon or Jeff?

Bill Gates Twitter usage is fairly low with 0.8 tweets per day and no favourites. Similar to Jeff’s usage and he even prefers to push his own content out there than reply to his mentions. The main difference between these three tech giants is that Bill’s use of hashtags differs from Elon and Jeffs. Jeff and Elon mainly use hashtags to promote their businesses, but Bill’s hashtags are aimed at charitable causes.

What about someone who isn’t an American tech giant?

Lord Sugar puts out a staggering 14.8 tweets a day on average. You’re not likely to get any replies from him as they are near nonexistent, but you might get a retweet. Similar to a lot of people in list from different industries, he likes to push content out to his followers rather than engage with them. Alan has a preferable media use of photos and videos, but little interest in GIFs

Is it the same for women? How much do they tweet in the business world?

Deborah puts out even more tweets a day than Alan with an average of 15.2. She does have a healthy share of retweets and tweets, but again she doesn’t appear to reply to users much. Unlike most, Deborah does appear to like the favourite feature with 8.1 on average per day.

Most entrepreneurs on Twitter are very selective with what mentions they tweet back to, so you should be too. It’s safe to say that photos are the preferred media type across the majority of entrepreneurs, maybe a picture really does say a thousand words.

What words do entrepreneurs use?

We looked at share terminology across 20 entrepreneurs Twitter history and put them into one word cloud.

The main shared terminology was typically positive and engaging. These include words such as happy, hope, energy, love, fun, live & excited.

Terminology that you would expect from entrepreneurs such as money, power, job, plan, task and deal were way smaller than the positive terminology. The entrepreneurs also weren’t just all talk of themselves as the words team and support were frequently mentioned throughout. Clearly it’s better to share positivity as a successful entrepreneur in 2020 and stick by the term ‘there is no I in team’.

For data on other industries such as food, fashion and music entrepreneurs check out the full report on our website.