May 23, 2024

South Wales coffee providers, Argies, who supply coffee to workplaces and cafes across Wales, explain why vending machines often work for businesses, schools and workplaces of all sizes, even SMEs.

Argies Coffee has a big reputation in South Wales, supplying coffee beans, barista training and coffee sundries to some of Wales best known hotels, restaurants and cafes, as well as traditional filter coffees to many boardrooms!

However, many of these high-end clients may not be aware that Argies also work with schools, hospitals, leisure centres and businesses of all sizes, providing fully managed vending services.

While it is a different market, vending is skilled and matching the equipment to the location is vital.

Vending machines may have started life as a solution to quench the thirst of factory workers, but these days, vending machines can be found in some truly upmarket places, some even serve freshly ground coffee. Having top quality ingredients and a wide variety of branded snacks is key to success – at Argies, quality is important because we have a hard-won reputation to protect – our vending machines have to serve the same quality of coffee as our cafes and restaurants because our name is on it.

So, why do so many SMEs, leisure centres and schools choose to have a vending machine rather than (or as well as) a kettle or a kitchen?  There are some sound commercial reasons behind the decision – here’s the top 3 reasons we come across:

Increased Productivity

So, staff only have 3 cups of coffee a day, and you have a kitchen. It only takes them 10 minutes to make it, right?

That’s a potential of 30 minutes every day, per employee, spent making coffee. And let’s be honest, who only has three cups of coffee per day?

Having an automated machine, dispensing a wide range of drinks options on demand, usually increases staff choice, improves employee satisfaction and improves productivity.

Even if you still choose to give drinks free to your staff, a vending machine can be a huge benefit, much appreciated by staff.

Improved Hygiene

In most workplaces, messy kitchens are a bone of contention. You have visitors coming in for a meeting, they walk past the open kitchen and, shock horror, there are unwashed cups everywhere – and worse, the worktops are stained and dirty. It’s the worst possible impression for your visitors, and you find yourself sending out the umpteenth memo to staff, that you know will make a difference for about a week. Worse, shared teaspoons, improperly washed cups, cross contamination and unstable fridge temperatures mean that bacteria often spreads like wildfire. With a smart range of vending solutions, your office will create a good impression and we even have high quality options for drinks in the boardroom.

Improved Choice

Employers who buy drinks for their staff will soon notice not everyone drinks the same thing – some like decaff, some like super strong coffee, some prefer tea and some prefer cold drinks. What starts off with grabbing a jar of coffee and some milk quickly extends to a very full fridge and store room, with limited space for cups and still there will be someone moaning you got the ‘wrong’ brand of instant hot chocolate. (Not to mention the grumps when the milk runs out on Monday morning because someone forgot to fetch it!)

Vending means that never happens – you’ll find a very wide choice of drinks available on demand, even higher quality drinks like cappucino and lattes. You aren’t restricted to plastic cups either, some machines let you use your own cup. The variety of choice available is massive – and you can offer snacks too.

If you need coffee or sundries for your workplace, then Argies can certainly provide them, but many companies are missing out on the benefits that fully managed vending could be offering.

It’s definitely worth exploring whether vending could be a better solution for your business.