July 25, 2024

North Wales security firm offers new ‘FeverCam’ system in wake of Covid-19 Pandemic

Leading North Wales Security company, Corvus Security has launched a new service which will enable buildings and employers to scan people who may have a temperature – before they enter the building.

The company already offer a wide range of security services and the new technology, accompanied by their infection control team, will enable them to expand their offering at a time when businesses are keen to get back to business as usual.
FeverCam is a crowd-control asset in the form of a camera which can scan multiple people in large crowds at once in real time, and is an ideal solution for venues and businesses with large reception areas, airports, schools, stadiums and other crowd-based facilities, allowing them to detect anyone with a high temperature instantly – even when the person themselves may not be aware.

Managing Director, Andy Butterfield, explains:

“As Wales emerges from lockdown, reducing the spread of Covid-19 will become increasingly important if we are ever to fully return to normal life.

“Our FeverCAMs are available with different options and a wide range of applications to help protect people, property and companies. Adding either fixed or portable thermal cameras provides a system that works both day and night and can be fitted internally or externally.

“Using advanced detectors and algorithms, our Temperature Screening Thermographic cameras detect increased skin temperatures to provide preliminary temperature screening in offices, warehouses, airports and public places, with accuracy up to ±0.3°C.

“We can offer both permanent and portable solutions which can be operated by your team or by our experienced Infection Control Officers.

To learn more, please visit the company website: https://www.corvussecurity.co.uk/fevercam/