July 21, 2024

Free expert advice for businesses that have adopted e-commerce due to lockdown

Businesses that have been forced to adopt e-commerce prematurely or without prior experience are being offered professional consultative advice in a free Zoom webinar on 12 May.

Energy PR, the Gloucestershire based PR and digital communications agency, is offering free consultation on e-commerce marketing to businesses across the country that have been forced to move to online selling platforms due to lockdown.

Susannah Morgan, Deputy Managing Director of Energy PR, says,

“When thinking about what people might need help with most of all, right now, we concluded that a lot of businesses will suddenly find themselves dependent on an e-commerce platform that had not previously been that important before, or had to create one from scratch because they have diversified or bricks & mortar shops are closed in the face of COVID.

“In either of these cases, suddenly finding they have to support e-commerce through communications in order for it to be successful, is another problem for businesses. So, in the spirit of communities coming together in the face of this unprecedented adversity, we have decided to donate our expertise to help ease the pressure.”

The free online consultation will take place at 4pm on Tuesday 12 May. To register, click https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/7215881637722/WN_DZJNhrgERkyd6VnokBPD_A