July 25, 2024

Exclusive research – Workplace Flu Vaccination could save companies £87 per employee annually

Doctorcall, the longest-standing provider of private flu vaccinations in the UK, has released exclusive research outlining potential savings for companies through workplace vaccination programmes. Research indicates that providing flu vaccinations in the workplace can save companies £87 per employee each year, more than offsetting the cost of the vaccination.

Additional benefits include reduced absenteeism and increased employee satisfaction.

Flu Vaccination Savings Calculation:

According to statistics from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the average worker loses 5.7 workdays per year due to illness. Minor illnesses such as coughs, colds, flu, and gastrointestinal issues account for 29.3% of these lost days, equating to 1.67 days lost per year per employee. With flu responsible for roughly 20% of minor illness cases, this results in approximately 0.33 days lost per worker annually due to flu.

The average cost of a day of absence in the private sector is £522. Therefore, the cost of flu-related absenteeism is estimated at £174 per employee per year. Considering the flu vaccine’s effectiveness, which ranges from 40-60%, a 50% effectiveness rate translates to an average saving of £87 per employee annually through workplace flu vaccination.


Pneumonia cases, which often begin with flu, result in an average of 14 days of sick leave per occurrence, costing businesses £7,308 per case. Pneumonia not only causes significant absenteeism but also poses severe health risks with a high mortality rate.

Offering flu vaccinations to key workers can also mitigate this risk, as influenza can often lead to pneumonia. COVID vaccinations are also offered by Doctorcall, who delivered the first private COVID corporate vaccine clinic in the UK.

Benefits of Workplace Vaccination

·  Reduced Absenteeism: Decreasing the number of sick days taken due to flu and pneumonia, particularly unplanned absenteeism which is extremely disruptive

·  Cost Savings: Significant savings on the costs associated with employee sick leave.

·  Employee Satisfaction: Employees appreciate the convenience and health benefits of receiving vaccinations at work, enhancing overall workplace morale and productivity.

“Implementing a workplace vaccination program is a cost-effective strategy that benefits both employers and employees,” said Dr Charles Levinson, Doctorcall Medical Director “Our goal is to help companies maintain a healthy workforce while simultaneously reducing the heavy financial impact of illness-related unplanned absenteeism.”

“These findings demonstrate the high value provided by a workplace flu vaccination programme – more and more companies are using our service, and these findings show that they are making a sound investment which benefits both the company, and the employee.”