July 25, 2024

Paving the way for the next generation of female leaders at Women in Flex 2023

The Flexible Space Association’s Women in Flex event held on Thursday 19th October proved another success in the series of events bringing together and inspiring women in the flexible workspace sector. This in-person event once again proved to be a hub of empowerment, networking, and insightful discussions.

Organised by the Flexible Space Association in partnership with technologywithin, and hosted by Huckletree White City, the event aimed to provide a platform for women to connect, collaborate and advance their careers within the flexible workspace industry.

The event featured two compelling panel discussions, where accomplished women in the industry shared their career journeys.

The esteemed panellists included:
· Gabriela Hersham – CEO, Huckletree
· Katrina Larkin – Chief ESG Officer, The Office Group
· Morgan Pierstorff – Business Development Director, NewFlex
· Heather Murchie – Central Sales Lead, Impact Working
· Laura Walker – Sales & Marketing Director, Orega
· Cassy Nichols – Head of Marketing, Pure Offices
· Sophie Turnbull – Commercial Director, Huckletree

These influential women provided valuable insights and inspiration for attendees looking to excel in the flexible workspace industry. Their stories of triumph, wisdom, and advice offered a clear path forward for those seeking success in their careers. Topics covered included:

· Overcoming Imposter Syndrome – Every panellist admitted to feeling nervous on stage and experiencing imposter syndrome at some point in their careers. The consensus among them was that discussing these feelings is a sign of strength, not weakness, and it encourages others to embrace their insecurities. Advice offered to combat imposter syndrome included thorough preparation for important meetings or presentations, seeking support from mentors, and setting clear personal goals.
· Navigating Maternity Leave and Parenthood – For those who were parents, the challenges of managing maternity leave and the return to work were discussed. Many felt immense pressure, often self-imposed, to return to work quickly. The advice given was to carefully consider what works best for your family and to recognise that taking a career break is not a setback. The panellists emphasised the importance of having honest conversations with employers about the support needed for returning parents.
· Seizing Opportunities – All the panellists could talk about the opportunities that had either been presented to them or they had sought out which had supported their careers. These had allowed them to make new connections within their business, and develop skills which their role may not have provided them with.

The Women in Flex event culminated in a vibrant drinks reception, providing an excellent opportunity for participants to connect with others in the industry. The event’s success was not only measured by the wealth of knowledge shared but also by the new relationships forged and the enthusiasm generated among attendees.

“Women in Flex set out to inspire women to further their careers within the flexible workspace sector,” said Jane Sartin, Executive Director at the Flexible Space Association. “We are delighted to see the continued success of this event, and the opportunity it offers women to learn from the success stories of others within our industry.”

The event’s triumph highlights the importance of providing platforms for women in the flexible workspace sector to connect, learn, and grow. As the industry continues to evolve, events like Women in Flex are instrumental in propelling women into leadership roles and paving the way for the next generation of female leaders.

For more information on the Women in Flex event and to stay updated on future initiatives, please visit https://www.flexsa.co.uk/