July 25, 2024

How To Address Recruitment Concerns In Your SME

Hiring staff for your SME can be exciting. Having a smaller workforce means getting to know workers better and creating a tighter team.

That said, it’s not always easy to fill these roles. The top talent may be drawn to long-established conglomerates of outstanding reputations where pay and prospects seem better. Brexit has also cordoned off much of the labour market, and now smaller UK businesses are demanding action on staff shortages.

Still, your SME can address recruitment concerns on its own merit too. Read on for some tips that might help you turn things around here.


Outsource Instead

Recruitment isn’t always necessary for an SME. Often one worker can adequately perform in multiple roles, keeping the costs of hiring, insuring, and training new workers down.

Totality Services are an IT company in London that proves a full department of workers on your payroll isn’t always necessary. They can monitor and update your IT infrastructure, offer IT solutions and technical advice, and proactively provide end-to-end IT services for hardware, cyber security, and more. This IT support in London is constantly contactable, even on bank holidays.

Work with services that tailor their services to your individual needs. Ideally, they will have also won awards and earned a host of positive customer testimonials. Moreover, they should take the time to know your business, so treat these arrangements as a collaborative partnership. Quality support means your firm can raise its game without going through the rigmarole of a full-tilt recruitment push.


Advertise SME Work Culture Positives

Outsourcing can be useful, but it’s not always applicable. Full-time workers are always the heart and soul of the firm, developing its culture and character.

There can be a misconception about SMEs. While they do have their share of struggles, they can be vibrant and satisfying places to work.

Try to emphasise the perks of working for an SME in your recruitment posts. These include qualities like:

  • Enjoying a friendly and more personable atmosphere – Workers can be certain they’ll work with a welcoming team and enjoy a comfortable atmosphere.
  • Having work noticed – A smaller workforce means employees’ work is more meaningful and noticeable, making them more likely to feel that what they do matters.
  • Being more likely to be promoted – New positions will open up as the SME develops. Promoting internally can motivate workers and help them foster a deeper connection to their workplace.

Career-driven individuals can thrive in an SME, and their hard work is more likely to be impactfully rewarded. Put that notion at the centre of your recruitment campaigns.


Get Creative

Recruitment is a competitive process. Many companies are vying for the attention of the perfect candidates.

To resolve staff shortages, firms have had to be more creative with their recruitment efforts. Offering flexible work schedules, changing recruitment and onboarding technologies, and providing more tailored incentive packages seem among SMEs’ most effective hiring solutions. You should endeavour to provide similar offerings.

Go all out with your methods too. Create insightful recruitment videos and witty hiring posts on social media. Host virtual events and reward existing employees who recommend top talent from their network. The more feelers you put out, the better.