May 23, 2024

Redundancy and Lockdown leads to unique online business for Scotsman living in London

Scotsman Steven Wilson was facing a bleak festive season in 2020, made redundant due to the pandemic and unable to visit his beloved Scotland for Christmas – but little did he know that the experience would lead to him launching his own business and helping his adopted community in Brixton, London.

Creating a unique series of giftboxes sourcing products from local, independent stores, indebox has created a unique series of gifts that takes the spirit of an area and shares it with the recipient – helping struggling local retailers and delivering a very special gift experience at the same time.

Steven explains:

“Confined to my flat with nothing but time and a Christmas to-do list, I found myself walking the streets of Brixton. This once buzzing place of culture and proud business owners was empty. It was a stark outlook for locals dependent on this prospering suburb.

“I couldn’t go home to my beloved Scotland for Christmas, and I wanted to help my community at the same time. I shopped local, and proudly sent my Brixton grown Christmas presents off to my friends and family. I felt a sense of joy that my family could experience pieces of Brixton with me. They loved their local goodies, and the presents served as a teaser for when they come and visit. I hope that when I leave Brixton, someone might send me a gift box from the area, reminding me of the amazing times I had here. Brixton has an amazing culture, and I feel so fortunate to be part of its community.

“Christmas provided my light bulb moment. I realised this could be something more than Brixton and Scotland. I wanted to create a local feel in a box, and allow people to reach it, connecting loved ones and supporting the local community in a way no one has done before. ”

Launched on 5 Feb, the company’s creative gift boxes celebrate different local areas and cultures. The boxes include but are not limited to food and drink, self-care and lifestyle products.  While still in it’s infancy, the company hopes to grow both the range of products and the fans they share them with.

Steven says:

“The purpose of indebox is to support independent businesses by providing gift boxes local to an area – our first box will celebrate Brixton! Our gift boxes come in two sizes, priced at £39.95 for 7 items and £59.95 for 10 items, items include food & drink, self-care, lifestyle and other goodies all local to the Brixton area. We also pledge to donate £1 to a local charity for every box purchased.

“We are always looking for new ideas that can help bring us closer together, and the farther afield we grow, the better.  We would love to hear from you, so please reach out to”