June 19, 2024

Devon-based Software Developer Lineal Software Solutions Ltd. have launched a powerful software suite designed for the UK’s manufacturing sector.

SQLWorks is a Material Requirements Planning (MRP) platform that helps companies gauge future demand for products, purchase stock intelligently, and control their manufacturing processes.

Lineal Software, which already serves companies right across the UK and as far afield as Sydney, has hired extra software developers to meet demand with the release of the new version.

Mike Matthews, Lineal’s Managing Director, added: “This is a terrific new leap forward for our SQLWorks software. The new release is our most advanced version, and introduces powerful new manufacturing and logistical control to our existing business management tools.”

The software is also integrated to suite a wide-ranging set of other business applications, including accounting, stock & warehouse management, document management & CRM.

The software team knows the ability for industry to automatically complete important engineering tasks – such as importing newly-designed assemblies (BoMs), capacity planning, updating part costs and forecasting future production – will prove a popular choice among British Manufacturers.

“Post-lockdown, many firms will be doing some serious soul-searching about whether their systems are really up to scratch. If you can’t innovate then you’re at a dead end, and modernisation will be an important part of the UK’s economic recovery.”

One of last year’s Tech South West Award winners, Lineal recently featured on the Tech Tribe podcast to discuss the challenges of launching a new software product during Coronavirus, getting more women into tech, and the post-lockdown recovery.

“Small and medium-sized businesses need a provider who will ‘take ownership’ of their pain points, solve these, and deliver better business results.”