July 21, 2024


Amey, a leading public service provider, has awarded a three-year contract extension to Applied Driving Techniques (ADT) for the provision of a fleet compliance and risk management service. This follows the successful introduction of an electronic licence monitoring service for 12,000 car and commercial drivers within the UK and Ireland, which has increased compliance by more than 40 per cent.

“We have seen dramatic improvements in fleet compliance, particularly in the last 12 months. We want to build on this achievement as part of our wider commitment to road and workplace safety,” explains Julie Davies, Group Fleet & Plant Compliance Manager at Amey. “ADT is using its proven expertise to identify areas of improvement within our fleet operation and together we are developing innovative solutions to reduce risk and achieve industry best practice.”

The electronic licence monitoring service has been designed to ensure that new and existing employees are legally entitled to drive while reducing the administrative workload. By using optical character recognition (OCR) technology, licence details can now be captured quickly and efficiently using a smartphone, significantly speeding up the process and removing the need for computer access. Meanwhile, a document checking system for approximately 1,000 grey fleet drivers – including proof of insurance, tax and MOT – has increased compliance to over 99 per cent.

Under the latest agreement, ADT has been tasked with developing a centralised training programme which will deliver a structured approach based on targeted requirements. The licence monitoring service, interfaced directly with the DVLA via ADT’s Riskmapp system, will identify any new endorsements and request the driver completes the appropriate e-training module. This will enable Amey to quickly address any issues by automatically triggering a training requirement based on the exact nature of the offence that took place.

“Putting people first is one of our core values. We strongly believe that the health, safety and wellbeing of our teams, clients and those around us should be the priority over everything else. As such, we understand the importance of work-related road risk when targeting a reduction in driver injuries and stress across the business as well as the need to work with partners that can help us achieve our safety objectives,” concludes Davies.

Richard Guy, Head of Fleet at Amey commented: “We are delighted to extend the successful partnership with ADT for a further three years. ADT’s targeted, flexible and managed approach means we are able to overcome the varying challenges of different driver groups to maximise results. The work over the past 12 months in improving compliance on our grey fleet drivers has been particularly successful. We are incredibly proud of our people here at Amey and moving forward, this contract extension will enable us to build on our commitment to occupational road risk – keeping our people safe – and ensure we are working with a partner that shares our values.”

Nigel Lawrence, Director of Applied Driving Techniques said: “The most dangerous activity an employer typically asks their employees to undertake is driving on company business. We work in partnership with our customers, like Amey, to enhance employee safety and wellbeing by minimising the risks associated with driving at work, while helping deliver measurable financial savings, reduced environmental impact and strong levels of duty of care compliance.”