July 21, 2024

Northamptonshire Health and Care Partnership seeks an Independent Chair for a trail-blazing new role

Northamptonshire Health and Care Partnership (NHCP), a collaboration of health and care organisations in Northamptonshire, is excited to announce it is recruiting an Independent Chair to provide leadership and play a key part in the next stage of their evolution.

NHCP works with partners in the voluntary, community and independent sectors to deliver a shared vision and to respond to health and care needs across Northamptonshire, providing high quality care within available resources that is sustainable for the future.

For the last three years NHCP has progressed a shared agenda, which it will now accelerate as it moves from its current developing Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) model, to a more maturing Integrated Care System (ICS) set of arrangements by April 2021 and then a fully thriving ICS by April 2022.

The new Independent Chair will lead this development and will be tasked with maximising the benefits of collaborative working through shared planning, decision making and effective governance across all levels. They will bring together partners to shape strategic health and care plans and creating the environment, conditions and culture for their successful delivery, as well as developing future governance and accountability mechanisms.

Toby Sanders, Chief Executive for Northamptonshire CCG says, “At the start of 2020, we were already focused on maximising the benefits from a unique set of local opportunities in Northamptonshire. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has added a whole other perspective to an already complex set of issues and local landscape, with many additional challenges.

“However, our local response to the pandemic is also presenting real opportunities to accelerate collaborative working across the public sector, introduce innovation in service provision supported by digital technology, and make the best use of our community assets through volunteering and the community sector.

“Our multi-agency response has shown who well partners can unite behind a common goal and work together to deliver rapid innovation and service change. We want to build on our existing journey and learning from responding to the Covid-19 pandemic with this pioneering new role. The independent Chair will play a critical leadership role to drive forward the work and development of NHCP.”

The Independent Chair will set the tone and ambition for NHCP.  As an ambassador for the NHCP’s work, they will work closely with the STP Executive Lead and core transformational team.  The successful candidate will have substantial board level experience, personal credibility within their own profession/field and a strong track record of working within large, complex organisations that operate in a regulated environment.

The role is two-year fixed term, with the potential to extend by up to one year. The time commitment is two days per week to be worked flexibly according to requirements. The annual salary is £55,000 and Chair will be required to work flexibly from multiple health and care locations across Northamptonshire.

The deadline for applications is Wednesday 26th August 2020, with interviews to be held early/mid-September. For more information and to apply click here.

Several of Northamptonshire’s health and care providers are part of the ‘Best of Both Worlds’ recruitment campaign, which unites the University of Northampton, Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust, Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (KGH), Primary Care and St Andrew’s Healthcare in recruiting doctors and nurses to relocate and live and work in Northamptonshire.

To find out about other vacancies across Northamptonshire visit http://bestofbothworlds.uk.net/