July 21, 2024

Be aware, be safe, be working facial recognition and temperature checks – all in one

A Cardiff workplace design company is offering technology that conducts facial recognition and temperature checks to help firms keep their staff safe as workplaces reopen

Work-place solutions company Office Visions is making its contribution to helping kick-start the UK economy as lockdown restrictions are lifted, by offering several innovative solutions designed to help firms bring employees back to work safely.

The South Wales family-run company, which specialises in creating stunning office environments, is offering clients a cutting-edge access control system for premises that combines facial recognition software with the ability to read the body temperature of the person seeking access.

The system has already been successfully installed at the company’s own premises as well as the wider Vision Court business park, which is home to five companies and 250 employees.

The system could be used to monitor the health status of employees or customers before they enter a building and potentially come into contact with other workers. The device could be useful at commercial offices, factories, multi-occupancy apartments or other places where people gather including schools and stadiums.

The equipment, which can be wall-mounted or free standing, has a temperature accuracy of plus or minus 0.3 degrees Celsius as long as the person is standing between 0.3 and 0.7 metres away. It can then sound an alarm of their temperature indicates they might be ill and carrying an infection.

Office Visions has also installed and is offering customers temporary screening and partitioning systems that can be quickly deployed and easily configured to help employees to work safely together. Made from wipe-clean anti-microbial vinyl, the solid material is available in a variety of translucent and transparent options.

Each partition can be assembled by two people in less than 60 seconds. It has many applications in a variety of sectors ranging from healthcare to events management to office environments.

The Office Visions showroom has been redesigned to illustrate how the clever use of partitions will make it possible for most offices to practice social distancing and safe working within the workplace. Its range of desktop clear screens are perfect where banks of desks exist in offices and staff cannot be easily spread out upon their return to work. The Office Visons design team can help redesign a workspace, where necessary, to enable the new screens to be incorporated within the areas affected.

Simon Gambarini, Managing Director of Office Visions, said: “These are unprecedented times and many companies are facing great challenges as a result if the Coronavirus pandemic. But as the restrictions start to be lifted and firms consider reopening workplaces, their first priority will be the safety of their staff. These innovations will help them be aware, be safe – and continue working.

“With this in mind, we have developed a range of products that will help our clients reopen their doors while keeping their staff safe. We are delighted with some of the ideas our

hard-working team have come up with and we believe the new products will make it easier for our clients in their efforts in  getting their business’s back on track, whilst ensuring they are compliant with the social distancing regulations brought in by the government.”