December 1, 2023


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Watch Out! Hagley West Announces New Watch Release Date

Entrepreneur and social media influencer, Tim Hayden, has announced the launch date of 16 new Hagley West watches. The new products go live on Hagley West’s website on the 30th July, with more than 5,000 people already registered to watch the launch the event live on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook. Hayden will be giving his audience a front row seat view of their biggest event ever, celebrating Hagley West’s third year anniversary.

Through his creative series of live #FindTimChallenge events, Hayden has created a huge following of over three million followers on TikTok and Facebook with growing audiences on Instagram, YouTube and Threads. Hayden is recognisable everywhere he goes, with a record-breaking 684 people finding him in Omaha, Nebraska, last Saturday and 368 people in Des Moines, Iowa the weekend before.

Next, he heads to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to continue his journey of connecting with his American audience and spreading his ethos of #LoveYourJourney. Everywhere he goes, Hayden leaves an unforgettable trace through his personal connections to his ever-growing global audience.

“The amount of love and recognition this brand is getting is amazing!” explains Hayden following his success in Iowa. “People are really connecting with our mission of #LoveYourJourney and it’s fascinating to hear how people can relate to it”

“There is always plenty more to come of course. We’ll be releasing new watches end of this month and I’m excited to show the world what Hagley West has got up its sleeve”

For more information on Hagley West, visit Alternatively, follow founder, Tim Hayden on TikTok @timhayden6.