June 14, 2024

How Leeds Businesses Are Growing Sustainably

Leeds has come across as a great city in the UK when it comes to business. In addition, it is one of the UK’s foremost centers for fast-growing firms after London and Cambridge. To quote it in stats, there are over 32,000 VAT-registered businesses in the city with more than 6,000 small and medium-sized enterprises.

With these many established businesses, the city has attracted several skilled workers from all over the world. Besides, there are many reasons how Leeds has managed to cope up with the competition and is growing sustainably in terms of business. So, let’s have a look at some of them.

Attracting Northern HR Talent

The growing business industry of Leeds has laid a massive impact on the whole of the UK. Consequently, a majority of people are moving to Leeds, ditching the capital city, London, as it is way too expensive. Moreover, Leeds has three of the strongest universities and vocational institutes, graduating a number of engineers and manufacturers every year. As a result, the HR companies in Leeds are benefitted from young talents, providing Leeds based HR recruits to the small and large companies.

Furthermore, it is giving significant employment opportunities to people outside London and Cambridge. Therefore, not everyone from the north has to rush to the overcrowded cities with a chronic overworking culture to seek jobs.


Leeds start-up businesses are moving towards a more flexible workplace which is allowing them to take on millennials. On being asked one of the reasons for the migration to the north, Ariel Coleman says, “The work-life balance is just much better.”

The city offers employees and entrepreneurs a better work culture. Many organizations allow them to work at odd hours, and even on several days, they are allowed to work from home. Many people have agreed that Leeds have made their career seamless with their life, unlike other cities. The millennials are happy to be working in a better environment where they are experiencing growth.

Besides, most of the young workers are chasing a flexible way of working that Leeds is offering. For instance, paid leave, paid maternity leave, leave for vacation, working remotely, coming late and going early.

Fresh Air Leading to Better Mental Health

Being less populated than London and Cambridge, Leeds offers better air to breathe. The city is surrounded by Yorkshire Dales, which is a great escape on a day-off. It is home to the world’s most beautiful landscapes and countryside. It’s now proven by studies that being outside is conducive to better mental health and become an essential part of work/life balance. This is something business coaches in Leeds have been saying for year.  De-stressing oneself for the incoming working week in the countryside before returning to the city is something not many cities can offer.

Not to mention, Leeds has something for each of the individual living there. If you prefer a quiet life, you can eat your cake and have your escape at the same time. Alternatively, if you want to hop the bars and dive into the city’s nightlife, you have that option too.

In simple words, a flexible lifestyle and work culture promote better mental health, which in turn leads to increased productivity. Lockdown Leeds to the on the up.