December 3, 2023


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UK’s Leading Boxing Coach Becomes Kixx Franchisee

David Coldwell, one of the UK’s most respected and well known boxing coaches, has just announced that he’s launching his very own Kixx franchise.

Kixx was founded back in 2011 by former professional footballer, Ben Hunter, and the brand has since become one of the fastest growing football academy franchises in the UK.

Boxing coach and Sky Sports Analyst, Coldwell, recently announced through his social media channels, that he would be launching ‘Kixx Hyde’, during the early 2021, with academies opening across Hyde and surrounding areas in Manchester.

Coldwell is more well known in the sport of boxing than in football, training athletes like Tony Bellew, Derek Chisora, Jordan Gill, Hopey Price and British & Commonwealth Champion, Lerrone Richards.

However, this isn’t an immediate sport’s switch for Coldwell, as he has been a dedicated father, mentor and coach to his own sons football journey which started five years ago when son, Theo, joined the ‘Kixx Rotherham’ academies.

At just 4 years of age, this was Theo’s first introduction to football and where the true love for football began. Both David and Theo felt the positive impact of the Kixx coaching, which 5 years on has lead to David launching his very own Kixx franchise.

David Coldwell commented:

“When Theo was four, he’d never previously shown much of an interest in football but out of the blue he’d said he wanted to give a go.

“My family had heard good things about Kixx at the time, so we decided to take him to Kixx Rotherham, and we were just blown away.

“It wasn’t just about learning new football skills. In just a few weeks Theo’s confidence increased and the shyness he displayed in public situations started to fade away.

“We both fell in love with coming to the football academies, seeing all the children with smiles on their faces and simply enjoying what they are doing. If you’re don’t enjoy what you’re doing, the learning and trying process slows down massively.

“Everything Kixx does is set up to engage and inspire children and this is something that I wanted to be a part of, alongside my son Theo, who to me, is my biggest inspiration in life.

“Our team can’t wait to launch the academies and start making a positive impact on the live’s of children in Hyde and surrounding communities”

Boxing fans and athletes don’t need to fear of a sudden career switch, as he won’t be becoming a full-time football coach anytime soon.

Coldwell added: “My full time work will of course remain in boxing, but this is a project that is very personal to me and my family.

“My Family are everything to me and the impact that Kixx had on my son is one of the biggest reasons I am investing and starting my own Kixx Academies. I want to inspire more young children to get active and enjoy the journey like Theo did. Kixx Hyde give’s me a fantastic opportunity to do just that.”

“I share the same values to help change children’s lives through coaching and sport. We are assembling a fantastic team who will share my passion, the Kixx values and our mission to positively impact as many children as possible.”

David Coldwell isn’t the first ‘high profile’ sports individual to share the same values and mission of Kixx. Coldwell joins a growing family of Kixx Academy owners which also includes Doncaster Rovers ‘Legend’, James Coppinger, Newport County Captains (Current/former), Joss Labadie, David Pipe, and football league players including Ade Azeez and JJ Hooper.

As a brand nationally, Kixx, impacts around 15,000 young children each week, and that figure will continue to climb rapidly with inspirational figures like David Coldwell joining the network.

Goldman Sachs and Barclays have identified Kixx as one of the fastest growing small businesses in the UK.

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