July 21, 2024

UK’s Leading Risk Management Provider Reshapes UK Operations for Holistic Support to its 38,000 Clients

Alcumus, the UK’s leading provider of risk management solutions, is reshaping its UK operations to serve and match client needs with a tailored, end-to-end service offering and customer journey.

Alcumus supports both UK and International clients, many of whom are on the FTSE 100 index, with a wide range of software-led risk management solutions across Supply Chain Management, EHSQ Software, Certification and HR and H&S support services, providing businesses with the support to identify and mitigate risks, navigate compliance and keep their people safe. Alcumus currently serves more than 38,000 companies in the UK.

Today more than ever, businesses in the UK and worldwide are facing increasing challenges in managing their health and safety regulations and compliance risks. In mature markets such as the UK, companies across all sectors and of all sizes are recognising that risk management is not a matter of compliance, but an essential element to business resilience and performance. As a result of the Covid 19 pandemic, many companies are realigning their risk management systems as a key element to successful operations.

To provide holistic support to its clients, SMEs as well as large corporates, Alcumus is evolving its UK structure to replace the current product-led Accreditation & Commercial Division and Certification & Software Division to a new, integrated, client-led structure.

Helen Jones and Gemma Archibald will move from their current roles as Managing Directors of the two divisions, to Chief Operating Officers. Helen will be responsible for supporting large organisational clients and Gemma will manage solutions that best meet the needs of small and medium size businesses. In addition to empowering a superior customer journey, the reorganisation will set the stage for Alcumus’ talent to further thrive, develop and progress.

Alcumus’ mission is to help create better workplaces, through relevant risk management and compliance solutions. As Alcumus moves into the next phase of its growth journey, this new structure reflects its strong focus on customer-led, market leading technology and industry expertise. It will also bring new opportunities through the SafeContractor network, where large organisational clients can be easily connected to qualified, ethical and sustainable small and medium size businesses.

Alyn Franklin, Alcumus CEO said:

“Our people and technology are our greatest assets, which clients greatly value across a number of sectors. By making these positive changes and investing in our growth, we’ll be able to support them even more with our expertise and solutions. Our work creates a real difference for our clients, so from a structural perspective, it makes sense to focus ourselves in the same way.

“We have so much positive momentum despite the challenges of 2020 and we have an amazing team. I’d like to thank everyone at Alcumus for having a key part to play in growing the business and making it a continued success.”