May 23, 2024

Boyzone Star, husband and father of two, Shane Lynch, joins Bounce on their mission to make the UK happier, healthier and better protected!

Star of chart-topping Irish boy band Boyzone, Shane Lynch has recently become a Bounce Ambassador after being introduced to the company through friend and founder, Ashley Reading.

The two met over 20 years ago through Shane’s now brother-in-law and he could see the drive, passion and ambition in what Ash was looking to achieve and felt compelled to jump on board in making a difference.

After first collaborating with Bounce and a number of their “Bouncers” in 2018 with Boyzone on their UK tour, Shane is now spreading the message to others and encouraging parents to
take the next step in securing their families future.

Ash established the business in 2016 having worked for years in the financial services sector, and the Bounce Network is now the UK’s fastest growing insurance referral network, providing work from home opportunities to over 5000 individuals across the country.  As a dad of two daughters, Shane, who’s now based in Cheshire, struggled with lockdown.  2020 forced many of us to take a break, but Shane said; “Taking time off my busy touring schedule enabled me to reflect more on life and the future of my family.”

Shane is keen to raise awareness after Bounce enabled him to focus on his own family’s future protection. Shane said; “Bounce has got integrity, it’s got ambition, it’s got heart and it’s making a massive difference to a lot of people’s lives across the UK, every single day.

“I’m delighted to collaborate with Bounce on their mission to make the UK happier, healthier and better protected. Planning for the future is something close to my heart as a dad and husband and I know how important it is to secure a future for my family and I now want to help spread the word so that others can plan and protect their futures too.”

Kent-based business, Bounce has recently been featured in The Startups 100 showcase of new businesses, which demonstrate innovation, solid financials, economic impact, and the ability to scale. Founder Ashley Reading said: “I’m absolutely thrilled to be working alongside my friend Shane Lynch. We know that he can help us to spread the message of the importance of protecting your family’s future. We have huge plans for the future of Bounce and we’re always looking for people that want to join us on our mission to make the UK happier, healthier and better protected, by providing free advice & products at the most competitive rates.”

Bounce Chief Executive and Founder Ash has a lot in common with Shane. Both are fathers and always trying to find the next thing to ensure their families have a secure and successful future. It’s been incredibly important to Ash having Shane on board as his personality and understanding of the Bounce values make him a real asset to the ‘Bouncer’ network throughout the UK. Shane’s values are similar to Ash – love, loyalty, integrity, honesty, friendship and fun.

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